Review of Equalizer 2


Well, I have to say that I have been excited about a movie in a long time like I was excited for the new Denzel Washington movie The Equalizer 2 since the first one is one of my favorite movies that he has EVER made. I went to the first showing of the movie and was really pumped for it to start. A big complaint from the first one is that it took too long for the action to start. Not so with this one. The action is at the beginning. But that’s the problem is that between that action and the next action is like my sex life. A LOT of down time!!!!! To say that I was disappointed in this movie is the understatement of the year. I was SO bummed out about how BAD this movie was. And yes, I mean bad as in terrible, awful, waste of time, NOTHING LIKE THE FIRST ONE!!!!!! I can’t believe how bad of a follow up this movie was. I expected so much more from Robert McCall’s character but instead he becomes a mentor to an artist and is a Lyft driver now. Sure there is some action in the movie but nothing kick ass like in the first one where he kills a guy with a shot glass!!!!! I hope it does well in the box office just so they can redeem themselves with a part 3. But as for rating this movie, I’d say wait until it’s on HBO at the very best. Hell, this is one that you could probably wait to see of FX because it’s NOT GOOD at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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